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Chari Cycles

A couple of years ago our options for cycling in Dubai were quite limited, thankfully today that has changed. From newly discovered areas, to hidden gems, we've entered into a world of cycling and we're sharing some of our favourite routes. Join us on our ChariCycles adventure!

With the tram established over a year ago, 2 new cycling paths were created that allow you to get from the Dubai Marina to Media city in no time. Hop on from Al Sufouh tram station and ride down to the media city tram station.

Jumeirah beach road has a cycling route that you can use to connect from the Iranian Hospital to Madinat Jumeirah. It spans approximately 24km, which will take you through Jumeirah St and Street No.7, linking you to Al Mankhool Street. Start on the beach side and make your way down through some of the city’s most beautiful landmarks.

 Jumeirah Road, carries a path that's 25 km long which is a truly scenic route. Don't forget to take your camera, especially if you're planning to catch the sunrise or sunset!

Jumeirah and Satwa are two areas in Dubai that are easily accessible on your bicycle. The hidden little nooks shine light into some of the most magical parts of Dubai.

For an insanely busy, yet amazing experience, check out Diera where the cycling buzz is full of energy. Once there, you will notice that bicycles are more so used as a means of transporting goods and supplies.

The Dubai Creek has an 11km track to use with flexibility of riding around the neighborhood as well. One of our absolute favourite spots is Al Bastakiya that you can reach via creekside, passing through the Dubai Courts. From there you’ll be in Old Dubai where you’ll get to see the abra boats as well as the souks. Continue onto Shindaga where Dubai’s heritage village resides. It is important to note that this is one adventure our Charicycle keeps leading us to all on it’s own.

Home to one of our favourite venues- Ripe Market- Al Barsha Pond Park has a bicycle path that’s 1500km long. A beautiful place to spend your day.

With all these routes to choose from and even more opening in the near future, let’s start exploring the known and the unknown and dive into cycling all over Dubai.

We'll be sharing some of the best cycling groups to join very soon so stay tuned!

You can also download the map my ride app - a cycling app that's available for all phones to plan a full day of cycling with your amazing ChariCycle!

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