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We up-cycle vintage bicycle frames to promote sustainability and a clean environment while encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Shop for a selection of bikes or create your custom made look by visiting us on Proudly made in Dubai, UAE.


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Chari Cycles

Building, customizing and up-cycling bicycles is an art we cherish so much, but the real drive behind what we do sits in the smiles of the children we donate bicycles to every year. 

If you ask any child in a refugee camp, what do you want for your birthday? the answer is almost always, I'd love a bicycle! We could all agree that riding a bicycle comes with a sense of endless childhood, freedom and simulation, where all your senses are experiencing life in all the right doses. That sense of happiness is what we believe is a necessity and not a luxury, so is education and the right for females and males to mobilize to their schools that are often far away from the camp they live in and is often a gruesome walk on foot when the moody seasonal weather kicks in. That is the main reason, we donate one bicycle for every bicycle we sell, giving back to communities that need mobility is a life long dream. Now, we see it happening every year and it brings our hearts a sense of warmth and hope. Paying it forward is a real concept, it works, it changes lives. 

This video is one of our first donated batch, this year we are planning an impactful program with a bunch of inspiring organizations and we can't wait to tell you all about it... stay tuned.

If you work with an organization or is a person who requires a batch of bicycles to help children gain mobility in a refugee camp, get in touch with us on